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What You Really Need to Know to Prepare for Hospice Item Set (HIS) 2.0

HIS 2.0 has arrived and with the new changes to forms and measures, it's imperative to be up-to-date with the new HIS reporting requirements. Download this white paper to learn how to best prepare for these new reporting requirements, examine your current HIS process and utilize the best technology to help you adapt to HIS 2.0.

Key points you’ll learn:

•  Overview of the Hospice Information Set (HIS)
•  Understanding the key requirements along with completion and submission deadlines
•  An outline of key item changes to forms and new measures
•  How Suncoast by Complia Health can help you easily and quickly manage these new changes

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Surviving the Perfect Storm - Home Health Care Nursing Shortage

The challenge of recruiting, engaging and retaining nurses has reached critical proportions. Longer life spans, combined with aging baby boomers, will double the population of Americans aged 65 years or older during the next 25 years. This means increased demand for services from about 72 million Americans. Thus, home healthcare agencies need to have a plan to manage the high demand for scarce nursing resources that is not expected to ease anytime soon.

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Care Coordination: Improving Clinical Outcomes and Transitional Care

Currently, the lack of care coordination among providers is causing a negative effect on the quality of care, and is very challenging to many patients. Download this free white paper to learn 3 efficient ways in which to improve clinical outcomes and transitional care within your organization.

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Considering Moving Into Medicaid?

Your success starts with choosing the right software partner who understands BOTH Medicaid AND Medicare. 

As an industry leader, Complia Health has decades worth best practice knowledge and is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the uncertainty and thrive in today's home care marketplace.

Our white paper includes important information on:

     • Growth Strategies
     • The Role Software Plays in your Success
     • Managing Change

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Can Home Health Care Go Paperless? Some Say Yes

If we were ask any home health agency manager to list the greatest challenges of their job, chances are we would hear “paperwork” over and over again. Learn more on how going paperless actually increases an agency's likelihood of meeting meaningful use criteria. 

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Bigger is Better: 3 Strategies for Growing Your Home Care Agency

Increasing regulatory demands and shrinking reimbursements are making it harder for home care agencies to make a profit. One way to combat this margin squeeze is to grow your business so that you can create economies of scale and allocate fixed costs across a larger number of patients.

Here are three strategies for successfully growing your home care agency, all aimed at increasing market share. Each also requires the right business processes, resources and technology investments to succeed.

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An Introduction to Complia Health

Introducing Complia Health – learn all about our new branding and our commitment to you to be the most comprehensive, complete, committed and compelling post-acute and long-term care software partner in the world.

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Finding Zen in the World of Complia Health Customer Support

The world of customer support service is a rapidly changing and dynamic environment where customers are now communicating through multi-channels and companies are frantically trying to figure out how and where to respond.

Unlike many, Complia Health has taken a significant leap forward to improve their Suncoast customer relationships using a customer support technology that creates a dynamic and transparent customer experience. 

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Streamlining Billing with the ContinuLink Healthcare Platform

Medicaid billing can be a complex and tedious process, laden with layer upon layer of issues related to compliance, documentation and accounting. As a home healthcare agency processes more and more claims, issues such as data entry errors and reduced time to audit charts against associated claims impede the QA process. Even worse, many Medicaid and waiver programs require agencies to use special data entry forms or to use direct data entry to file claims. 

So as agencies grow, they require an ever-increasing staff to manage these issues. And with profit margins already low, having to add staff can be disastrous for many agencies.

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