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Complia Health also offers software to agencies specializing in Personal & Home Care, Hospice Care, and In-Home Pediatric Care. 



The Trusted Home Healthcare Software Provider

Complia Health and ContinuLink have been the trusted names behind home health care for the last 25 years. Our customized approach to care has impacted over 8.4 million lives globally, with our clients successfully seeing improved communication, continued growth in their business, and a more streamlined patient care system. With 99% of claims accepted the first time, we continue to set the standard for premium home health care solutions, globally.

ContinuLink Software Solution

ContinuLink was developed to evolve with the ever-changing needs of our clients and their patients to better leverage healthcare and industry best practices to deliver proven solutions. With ContinuLink software solution, you can better manage your business, no matter the location, state, or insurance.

Perfect for home healthcare agencies, our powerful, proven EMR solutions continue to outperform our competitors and provide elite scheduling, interoperability, compliance safeguarding, and billing practices.

Home Healthcare Software Capabilities

Developed and operated by health professionals, ContinuLink proactively keeps pace with the evolving needs of our clients, leveraging industry best practices and delivering proven solutions with the most extensive portfolio of care.

  • Integrated home care and home health EMR
  • Billing and revenue cycle management
  • Document management with automated record keeping and eFaxing
  • Staffing and scheduling
  • Compliance monitoring and adherence
  • Clinical analysis and benchmarking
  • Eligibility checking
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Point of Care (POC)
  • Patient Portal
Web-Based Platform

Web-Based Platform

We have created a software solution that is accessible for you and your devices. Clinical, operational, and financial data are consolidated to a single platform giving you full control of your data.

Manage Diverse Payer Mixes

EMMA AI Chatbot

EMMA initiates and manages communication for caregiver coordination, client and family engagement, credential alerts, and physician signatures, providing secure integration of data with a Complia Health EMR.

All Business Lines


With ContinuLink, there is no need for ineffective and separate lines of communication. Our streamlined software combines all aspects of your agency into one, comprehensive platform where you can handle every line of business, including private duty, staffing, and more.

Business Profitability

User Friendly

At Complia Health, we believe in the power of simple and efficient software solutions for home healthcare. ContinuLink is designed to be user friendly, so that nothing is misunderstood or difficult to use. 

Home Healthcare Software Solutions

Scheduling & Caregiver Engagement

Home Healthcare Scheduling Software

ContinuLink home healthcare software delivers an optimal Electronic Health Record (EHR) management system designed to organize scheduling, staffing, and referrals all while maximizing revenue and minimizing overtime and onboarding costs through secure calendar management. With ContinuLink’s home healthcare scheduling software, you can manage complex healthcare schedules while reducing missed appointments, ensuring a successful visit every time.

For physicians looking to grow their patient base, there’s no software that will create a more efficient way to handle all of your scheduling logistics. You can even access it from your mobile device. ContinuLink Mobile Edge™ with EVV enables both physicians and caregivers to seamlessly and conveniently handle payroll, scheduling, and shift changes, so that you can focus on what’s really important.  

  • Maximize shift authorizations
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve the caregiver experience
  • Streamline the scheduling process
  • Minimize overtime costs
  • Lower onboarding costs

Home Health Charting

Comprehensive home health documentation and charting has never been easier. With ContinuLink, vital information like health records, billing, and data are streamlined into one easy system to help ensure secure care coordination and document integrity, while reducing the risk of fraud and data breaches. When documentation isn’t clear or includes inaccurate information, it increases the risk of patient safety, lost revenue, or poor audits.

That’s why we believe in creating an aligned care system for physicians, patients, and business owners to maintain successful home healthcare practices. Our team is here to help support home healthcare agencies across the nation.


  • Share information easily & securely
  • Seamless communication
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Improve process, workflow and communication
  • Protect data integrity and reliability
  • Fully cloud based
  • World class security
Safeguard Compliance

Home Healthcare EHR

With ContinuLink, your home health agency can efficiently streamline Electronic Health Records (EHR) for an integrated management system that is a breeze.

We work to reduce non-compliance risk and increase growth opportunity through ContinuLink’s easy to use and seamless compliance automation software. ContinuLink’s home healthcare software can simplify the transfer of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), ensure care plan adherence, and automate individual care plans for a more consistent workflow.

  • Ensure state/federal clinical compliance and easily manage requirements
  • Automate the compliance process with real-time regulatory/payer requirements
  • Ensure individual care plans are documented to physician orders
  • Ease clinical auditing
  • Ensure care plan adherence
Billing Accuracy & Payer Complexity

Home Healthcare Billing Software

Without the right home healthcare software, financial reporting and billing can become a costly and tedious task that can be a financial burden to physicians, staff, and owners.

ContinuLink utilizes simplifies these billing structures to ensure accurate financial reporting, while eliminating unnecessary errors that can lead to increased costs. With our 99% acceptance rate and support for all payers and payer mixes, we’re able to provide you with the utmost financial clarity. Claim approval, financial data, and corrections can all be handles in one centralized system.

  • Support for all payers and payer mixes
  • 99% claims acceptance
  • Simplify complex billing structures & processes with automation
  • Ensure billing accuracy & eliminate costly errors

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Claims acceptance the first time

Accurate and timely filings, no reworks, automated checks and balances, improved profitability and timely cash flow.

3+ million


1+ million

caregivers providing care

8.4+ million

lives impacted

Home Health Care Software

Discover Continulink EMR

Your number one choice for proven EMR solutions. ContinuLink gives you the power to seamlessly manage clinical, financial, and back-office operations across different locations and states. Developed by health professionals, this home healthcare software is designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving healthcare industry and provide agencies all over the globe with proven solutions to every healthcare need.

ContinuLink Clinical EdgeTM Point of Care

Clinical Edge™ is an integrated Point of Care (POC) application developed to improve the efficiency of daily workflows and facilitate better coordination of care to enhance patient outcomes. With seamless integration via Continulink, Clinical Edge allows you to streamline and automate manual processes, such as entering patient electronical medical records.

Mobile Edge EVV TM 

Mobile Edge™ is your answer for integrated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) applications and streamlined scheduling processes. With real-time visit validation and increased control process flexibility, this advanced technology provides physicians and business owners with a greater control over their daily operations.

Home Healthcare Software Reviews

We’ve been a client for over 10 years, and ContinuLink has allowed us to scale and add multiple lines of business in different states.”
— Devin Ringling, Interim HealthCare

Being in pediatric care, we make a difference in the lives of children everyday. ContinuLink has allowed us to adopt a customized approach to care and allows our care plans to be as invidualized as each child we serve.”
— Patrick Daly, Sonas

Home Healthcare Case Studies and Blogs

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Surviving the Perfect Storm – Home Healthcare Nursing Shortage

The challenge of recruiting, engaging and retaining nurses has reached critical proportions. Longer life spans, combined with aging baby boomers, will double the population of Americans aged 65 years or older during the next 25 years.

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Written by a Complia Health client, Robin Gladwill, Director of Operations at Cooperative Home Care, this article describes how smart use of technology enabled their agency to go from operating at a deficit to becoming profitable. 


Meet EMMA!

New AI-infused chatbot for communicating with caregivers, clients, patients and physicians.