Clinical Edge™

Clinical Edge™ is an integrated Point of Care (POC) application developed to improve the efficiency of daily workflows and facilitate better coordination of care to enhance patient outcomes.
Clinical Edge™

Improving Quality of Care

Clinical Edge™ is a powerful point of care application that improves the quality of care by creating efficiencies in workflow processes, communication and real-time flow of information.

  • Optimize clinical workflows
  • Ensure documentation accuracy, consistency, and timeliness
  • Optimize the flow of information
  • Increase diagnosis accuracy
  • Enable communication and collaboration between care and team members
Improving Quality of Care
Make the Best Care Decisions

Make the Best Care Decisions

Clinical Edge™ point of care technology optimizes the flow of information and fosters better communication and collaboration between clinicians.
  • Evidence-based decision support
  • Real-time visibility patient Electronic Medical Record
  • Fluid exchange of information
  • Secure access to information

Optimize Clinical Workflows

Optimize your clinical workflows with seamless integration to patient electronic medical records via ContinuLink.

  • Streamline and automate manual processes
  • Ensure CoP (Conditions of Participation) compliance
  • Standardized and customizable forms
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Patient-friendly plan of care
Optimize Clinical Workflows

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