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ContinuLink has the ability to seamlessly manage multiple lines of businesses across different locations and states—as well as the support for virtually all payers—Medicaid across 49 states, Medicare, insurance, private pay—puts ContinuLink in a class of its own.

Deliver quality care with effective revenue cycle management using ContinuLink and experience an immediate revenue increase with the only solution your business won’t outgrow.

Web-Based Platform

We built ContinuLink to help you turn off the technologies your business has outgrown by consolidating all of your operational, clinical, and financial processes onto a single, powerful cloud-based platform.

Business Profitability

We built ContinuLink to give you insight and analysis you need to evaluate your business across a number of spectrums—including individual locations, business lines, and at the corporate level.

Manage Diverse Payer Mixes

We built ContinuLink to manage diverse payer mixes—including Medicare, Medicaid, and waiver programs no one else supports.

All Business Lines

We built ContinuLink to handle every line of business you’re in—including private duty, staffing, and more.

ContinuLink at-a-glance

Every day, people across the healthcare spectrum—nurses, therapists, social workers and administrators—leverage the power of ContinuLink for the business of caring.

Clinical Edge Point of Care
  • Provides clinicians schedules, task lists, client lists, diagnosis, medication lists and assessment checklists
  • Patient chart provides a single document encompassing the entire patient chart
  • Use your device of choice for Clinical Edge Point of Care—iOS, Andriod or select Windows—powered devices
Electronic Billing
  • Electronic billing features manage your claims process, multiple payers and
    tiered processing
  • Decrease paperwork, flag errors, and simplify claims tracking
  • Cut costs by eliminating manual processes and improve your cash flow by getting paid faster
Financial Management
  • Manage collections and accounts receivables in real-time without
    leaving ContinuLink
  • Robust integration with multiple third party systems, including payroll
  • Hundreds of standard reports provide insight across billing, payroll, scheduling, clinical and more
  • Facilitate caregiver matching based on a number of attributes
  • Manage compliance with real-time tracking and visual schedule notifications
  • Streamline route planning with turn-by-turn directions and manage overtime and shift differentials
Anywhere Access
  • ContinuLink offers access to critical clinician forms even when you’re offline
  • Seamlessly alternate between offline and online access based on your
    Internet connection
  • Work online or work offline and
    then synchronize
Electronic Visit Verification
  • An integrated EVV application increases documentation accuracy and efficiency, streamlines scheduling, and improves the caregiver experience
  • Caregivers can quickly see the care plan and easily submit vital information
  • Receive notifications to address issues in real-time and minimize the
    potential for fraud
Telephony Visit Verification
  • Lets caregivers use the client’s telephone to verify the location of the home
    care visit
  • Quickly submit vital information, including date, time in and time out
  • Caregivers have visibility into upcoming schedules and even helpful reminders, including no show alerts
  • Seamlessly handle staffing with candidate tracking, scheduling, invoicing, and integrating top payroll and accounting packages
  • Features include Facility Web Portal and document management
  • ContinuLink takes healthcare staffing solutions to a new level
  • Facilitate communication between your agency, primary physicians, visiting staff, and clients
  • ContinuLink offers three portals: Client/Family Portal, Physician Portal, and Employee Portal
  • All communication takes place through LinkMail, ContinuLink’s secure and integrated email platform

The Power of ContinuLink

  • Support for multiple lines of business, including staffing
  • Support for virtually any payer
  • Unmatched point of care solution, Clinical Edge, and integrated mobile application and EVV tool, Mobile Edge 
  • Outstanding ease-of-use
  • Powerful financial management
  • Web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

ContinuLink Clinical Edge Point of Care

ContinuLink Mobile Edge EVV

ContinuLink by the numbers

  • 7000000+
    Patients Served
  • 182000+
    Caregivers Providing Care
  • 21000+
    Back Office Users
  • 1000+
    Office Locations
  • $4MM
    Revenue Processed

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