CoPs Are Coming: Meeting New Plan of Care Requirements

When the new Conditions of Participation (CoPs) take effect in January 2018, a new era will begin for home health — and providers need to begin preparing now if they will remain successful and compliant.

Among other changes, agencies will need to adapt to significant new requirements related to the plan of care (POC), including how POCs will be communicated to the client.
In this webinar, learn how to move your agency from where you are to where you need to be. Walk away from this webinar knowing how to:

•  Train staff to move forward

•  Make your Plan of Care understandable to the client

•  Provide the patient the Plan of Care and updates in writing 

Utilizing EVV & Telephony to Ensure Care Plan Adherence

Are you struggling with Care Plan Adherence? Have you been cited on surveys for the aides not following the plan of care?

The 21st Century CURES Act, containing a new Medicaid requirement for mandatory use of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), will have agencies and states face a financial penalty for failing to implement EVV by Jan 1, 2019. Why is this important for providers? Utilizing the proper EVV and telephony solution will not only meet your requirement for EVV but also ensures care plan adherence, drives regulatory compliance and new levels of productivity and cost savings.

Join Kathleen Spooner, Clinical Product Specialist of Complia Health and David Thompson, Vice President of ContinuLink by Complia Health, as they discuss the 21st Century CURES Act, care plans and CoPs. In addition, get a sneak peak of the new ContinuLink Mobile GPS with Electronic Visit Verification.

Recruiting and Retaining Staff for Hospice Providers

Hiring in the Hospice industry can be a difficult task. Often, very specific skills are needed that can be hard to come by. That’s why it’s important to know how to keep key employees and reduce employee turnover rate.


Join Nate Truitt, General Manager of Suncoast by Complia Health and Eric Scharber, Principal at Exact Recruiting, a Simione Talent Solution, as he describes what methods work and do not work when it comes to trying to keep your staff and attract top tier talent. 


Forward Thinking Home Care & Hospice Workforce Development

Complia Health’s Expert Webinar Series continues with the engaging topic of Forward Looking Home Care and Hospice Workforce Development – how to give your staffing plans a makeover to keep pace in our digitally-drive world.

Dawn Runge, Ph. D, one of SAP’s experts at business transformation, will take you through a fascinating look at how you can accelerate your workforce development plans to the pace of the digital world and learn the expectations of current and future employees. This is an opportunity to get thousands of dollars worth of SAP Ph. D consulting knowledge with our free webinar!

Key points you'll learn:

• Understand the digital revolution currently underway and the impact on human resources in the healthcare industry

• Learn the power of employee engagement in the digital age, why it is critical in healthcare, and how to improve it

• Leadership skills for the digital revolution and how to create a forward-thinking workforce to maximize performance 

HIS 2.0 and Timeliness Requirements

Complia Health’s Suncoast Hospice Software team have been at the leading edge of the CMS’s HIS (Hospice Information Set) guidelines since they were first introduced more than four years ago. With the new HIS 2.0 coming online on April 1st, plus the penalties of the HIS Timeliness Compliance Threshold about to take effect, now is the time to learn about what’s really important to know and how you can ensure your Hospice business is ready for these changes.
Our in-house HIS expert, Andrea McFadden, Director Revenue Cycle Management & Reporting, joins our Vice President of Global Marketing, Stewart Campbell, for an in-depth look at what you can expect with HIS 2.0 and how you can make sure you’re in compliance with the Timeliness Compliance Threshold.

Key points you’ll learn: 
• Overview of the history of Hospice Information Set (HIS) and the Timeliness threshold
• Key things to know and understand about HIS 2.0
• Key things to know and understand about the Timelines Compliance Threshold and how Suncoast by Complia Health can help you easily and quickly manage these issues 

Care Coordination: Improving Clinical Outcomes and Transitional Care

Join us for our ongoing thought leader webinar series featuring our January topic, “Care Coordination Improving Clinical Outcomes.” Presenting this thought-provoking webinar will be our very own Kathleen Spooner, Clinical Product Specialist of Complia Health’s product team.

Here is what you can expect to learn in this can't miss webinar: 

 •  Develop the Care Coordination experts in your agency that handle high risk patients
 •  Develop and utilize tools that drive Care Coordination
 •  Monitor your results to ensure that your Care Coordinating efforts are improving patient outcomes

Our presenter, Kathleen Spooner, has been a registered nurse with a BSN for 34 years and has held a broad variety of roles across the care spectrum including care and administration roles.

Medicaid Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Are you considering joining the many other home care businesses moving from focusing only on Medicare patients to also serving Medicaid patients? This webinar will help you understand the critical success elements you need to consider as you plan your move into the higher patient volumes and different care models of Medicaid.

Join Stewart Campbell and Scott Brashears from Complia Health, along with moderator Tim Rowan, CEO of Home Care Technology Report, as we discuss key factors and best practices for ensuring a successful transition to working in the Medicaid space.

Why Staff Leave and How to Keep Them

Who knows better why people leave their home care jobs than the guy who helps them find a new one? I know what you are thinking "isn't this like going to a divorce lawyer for marriage counseling?"

Yes it is, but don't you want to know the real reason why they left you?

Join ContinuLink and Eric Scharber, President of Exact Recruiting, as he describes what methods work and do not work when it comes to trying to keep your staff and attract top tier talent. Come hear what you can do to not only make them stay…but be happy staying!

Billing & ICD-10 Implementation

The much anticipated transition to ICD-10 has what?

It is important to understand exactly what has changed since the ICD-10 implementation so you can be prepared for any issues that may arise following this change. Join Leysi Casanova, President of Diverse Medical Group, Inc as she discusses the basics of Home Health Care billing including common post ICD-10 implementation issues and FAQs.


Home Health & Hospice Survival Test: 4 Questions to Ask About Your Agency

The home health and hospice markets are experiencing severe competitive, demographic, and regulatory changes. Do you know what questions to ask to determine your agency’s ability to thrive?

Join ContinuLink and Rich Chesney, President of Healthcare Market Resources, as he discusses four non-conventional ways to look at the market and tips to help you ensure your agency will not only survive, but thrive in the future.

Find out how you can be prepared to stay competitive in the home health industry.

Learn from the Expert – Success Tips for Billing Managed Care and Commercial Insurers

Join Lynn Labarta, CEO of Imark Consulting, and an expert in billing capabilities of the Complia Health software suite, including ContinuLink and Igea, will share with you her recommendations on how to maximize your reimbursements and shorten the payment cycles when billing managed care and commercial insurance companies for Home Care and Hospice services.

Straight Talk About VBP and Pre-Claim Auditing

Concerned about Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) and Pre-Claim Auditing? It's not as complicated as you think it is. Cut through the hype and noise with this webinar presented by Complia Health.

Medicare expert Scott Brashears along with Stewart Campbell, both from Complia Health, will take you through a lively discussion of some of the myths and concerns around both hot topics and help you understand what you really need to know:

  • Why VBP isn't the panic it's made out to be
  • How Pre-Claim Audit works and where it's impacting the business
  • How to operationalize your business practices to comply with both
  • The importance of your business software in compliance with these Medicare requirements