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Complia Health delivers technology solutions to agencies providing care through home health, personal care services, and in-home therapy.

Say goodbye to rigid tools that don’t work together. Say hello to the one platform with all your agency and care team needs. Enhance patient care and grow your business with Complia Health’s ContinuLink software that delivers streamlined EMR solutions.

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Complia Health’s Innovative Technology

Developed and operated by home health professionals, ContinuLink proactively keeps pace with the evolving needs of our clients, leveraging industry best practices, and delivering proven solutions with the most extensive portfolio of care.

ContinuLink Software Solution

Complia Health’s home health care software, ContinuLink, evolves with the ever-changing needs of our clients and their patients. ContinuLink provides elite scheduling, interoperability, compliance safeguarding, and billing practices. With ContinuLink software solution, you can better manage your business, no matter the location, state, or insurance.


ContinuLink Mobile EdgeTM 

ContinuLink Mobile Edge™ is an integrated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) application designed to increase documentation accuracy and efficiency. The application enables caregivers to accurately record their responsibilities and ensure Care Plan adherence from their smart phones and tablets. Mobile Edge™ is connected with ContinuLink payroll and billing processes.


EMMA is the dynamic face of Complia Health’s Smart Aging platform. Complia Health designed the industry’s first AI-based platform to address agencies’ demand for increased productivity, staff satisfaction, care quality, and revenues. EMMA automates connections and streamlines communications with secured text messages, email communications, and in-app chat options.

ContinuLink’s Advanced Features

Developed and operated by health professionals, ContinuLink proactively keeps pace with the evolving needs of our clients, leverage industry best practices and deliver proven solutions with the most extensive portfolio of care.

Web-Based Platform

Web-Based Platform

Consolidate all operational, clinical and financial processes into a single platform.
Robust Financial and Reporting Tools

Digital Documentation

Integrate home care and home health EMR with effective document management, eFaxing, Electronic Visit Verification with Mobile Edge and more
Manage Diverse Payer Mixes


The latest innovation to ContinuLink EMRs, EMMA. An AI-powered chatbot who’s fully HIPPA-compliant, on duty 24/7    
Supports the Full Range of Payors

Manage Diverse Payer Mixes

Manage diverse payer mixes including Medicare, Medicaird, and waiver programs no on else supports
Business Profitability

Business Profitability

Capable of clinical analysis and benchmarking to maximize efficiency and minimize overtime costs
All Business Lines

Support All business Lines

CoutinuLink handles every line of business including private duty, staffing, and more

Loved by Health Professionals

Over 1,000 healthcare organizations count on Complia Health for the clinical, operational, and financial solutions to deliver efficient, cost-effective, quality care.

Scheduling & Caregiver Engagement
“I’ve already seen an increase in our business because of EMMA …it allows us to get out there and hit all the staff quickly. They can then respond quickly via the app, and once they do, it’s automatically scheduled. It is cutting down on operational costs…. allowing me to have one client service rep handle almost double the business they were doing (before EMMA). I believe in it, and I believe it’s going to grow my business.” – Devin Ringling, CEO, Interim Healthcare – Ringling Group

“Complia Health has been an excellent partner, they have far exceeded our experiences with other providers in the industry. Every decision we make is based on bringing our clients the best available tools and this partnership is no exception. The team at Complia Health shares our vision and has already demonstrated their commitment to go above and beyond in helping to support the pediatric patients we serve.” – Linda Arthur, Owner and Executive Administrator, Comprehensive Nursing Services

See Complia Health’s Home Health Care Solution in Action

Request a demo to see ContinuLink in action. A Complia Health representative will give you a 1v1 walk-through session. You can also explore ContinuLink Mobile Edge™ with EVV, EMMA,  ContinuLink  Edge™ Point of Care, and our new Analytics Platform within the same session.

ContinuLink Home Health Care Software Solutions

Scheduling & Caregiver Engagement

Home Health Care Scheduling Software

ContinuLink home health care scheduling software delivers an optimal Electronic Health Record (EHR) management system designed to organize scheduling, staffing, and referrals all while maximizing revenue and minimizing overtime and onboarding costs through secure calendar management. With ContinuLink’s home healthcare scheduling software, you can manage complex healthcare schedules while reducing missed appointments, ensuring a successful visit every time.

  • Maximize shift authorizations
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Streamline the scheduling process
  • Minimize overtime costs
  • Lower onboarding costs
  • Increase margins

Home Health Charting System

Comprehensive home health documentation and charting have never been easier. With ContinuLink, vital information like health records, billing, and data is streamlined into one easy system to help ensure secure care coordination and document integrity, while reducing the risk of fraud and data breaches. When documentation isn’t clear or includes inaccurate information, it increases the risk of patient safety, lost revenue, or poor audits.

  • Share information easily & securely
  • Seamless communication
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Improve process, workflow, and communication
  • Protect data integrity and reliability
  • Fully cloud-based
  • World-class security
Safeguard Compliance

Home Health Care EHR

With ContinuLink, your home health agency can efficiently streamline Electronic Health Records (EHR) for an integrated management system that is a breeze. We work to reduce non-compliance risk and increase growth opportunity through ContinuLink’s easy to use and seamless compliance automation software. ContinuLink’s home healthcare software can simplify the transfer of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), ensure care plan adherence, and automate individual care plans for a more consistent workflow.

  • Ensure state/federal clinical compliance and easily manage requirements
  • Automate the compliance process with real-time regulatory/payer requirements
  • Ensure individual care plans are documented to physician orders
Billing Accuracy & Payer Complexity

Home Health Care Billing Software

Without the right home health care software, financial reporting and billing can become a costly and tedious task that can be a financial burden to physicians, staff, and owners. ContinuLink utilizes simplifies these billing structures to ensure accurate financial reporting, while eliminating unnecessary errors that can lead to increased costs. With our 99% acceptance rate and support for all payers and payer mixes, we’re able to provide you with the utmost financial clarity. Claim approval, financial data, and corrections can all be handled in one centralized system.

  • Support for all payers and payer mixes
  • 99% claims acceptance
  • Simplify complex billing structures & processes with automation
  • Ensure billing accuracy & eliminate costly errors

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