HIS 2.0 and Timeliness Requirements

Complia Health’s Suncoast Hospice Software team have been at the leading edge of the CMS’s HIS (Hospice Information Set) guidelines since they were first introduced more than four years ago. With the new HIS 2.0 coming online on April 1st, plus the penalties of the HIS Timeliness Compliance Threshold about to take effect, now is the time to learn about what’s really important to know and how you can ensure your Hospice business is ready for these changes.

Our in-house HIS expert, Andrea McFadden, Director Revenue Cycle Management & Reporting, joins our Vice President of Global Marketing, Stewart Campbell, for an in-depth look at what you can expect with HIS 2.0 and how you can make sure you’re in compliance with the Timeliness Compliance Threshold.

Key points you’ll learn:

  • Overview of the history of Hospice Information Set (HIS) and the Timeliness threshold
  • Key things to know and understand about HIS 2.0
  • Key things to know and understand about the Timelines Compliance Threshold and how Suncoast by Complia Health can help you easily and quickly manage these issues