Forward Thinking Home Care & Hospice Workforce Development

Complia Health’s Expert Webinar Series continues with the engaging topic of Forward Looking Home Care and Hospice Workforce Development – how to give your staffing plans a makeover to keep pace in our digitally-drive world.

Dawn Runge, Ph. D, one of SAP’s experts at business transformation, will take you through a fascinating look at how you can accelerate your workforce development plans to the pace of the digital world and learn the expectations of current and future employees. This is an opportunity to get thousands of dollars worth of SAP Ph. D consulting knowledge with our free webinar!

Key points you’ll learn:

  • Understand the digital revolution currently underway and the impact on human resources in the healthcare industry
  • Learn the power of employee engagement in the digital age, why it is critical in healthcare, and how to improve it
  • Leadership skills for the digital revolution and how to create a forward-thinking workforce to maximize performance