Leveraging CMS Patient Experience Surveys as a Health Care Provider

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
By Denae DiVincenzo




Leverage CMS surveys to benefit your health care agency 

Originally posted on Home Health Care News, with slight variation, on April 26, 2019.


The CMS patient-experience surveys were created to improve the quality of health care across the U.S., but for many health care providers, the path to that improvement may begin with a headache. These surveys, many of which are part of the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) program, mean publicly reported results and sometimes payment impacts. But rather than be a source of burden, surveys can instead serve as an opportunity.

Surveys result in the gathering of invaluable data and patient insights that health care providers can leverage to their own advantage to create a stronger future and establish new benchmarks and processes.

On May 1st, at 1 PM Central, hear directly from three CMS-approved CAHPS vendors as they share from years of survey administrations and empowering health care agencies to achieve accurate and compliant survey outcomes.

In this session, home health and hospice agency leaders will learn everything from the basics to CMS-backed best practices for preparing for, and accomplishing, a patient survey with positive patient and provider impact.


Key Learning Points:

  •   •  Learn more about the timeline and potential for exemptions in the survey process 
  •   •  Gain insights into leveraging Home Health Compare data and QAPI meetings
  •   •  Understand, and know how to utilize, benchmarking and goal-setting in preparation of a survey
  •   •  Learn what is, and most importantly what is not, acceptable within CMS parameters before, during, and after a CAHPS survey
  •   •  Better understand the important role of patient engagement in completing surveys and its direct impact on improving patient care delivery
  •   •  Increase knowledge of staff roles and responsibilities in improving patient experience and the overall impact of improved patient perception of care delivery
Angell Hanson, CAHPS Account Manager, Pinnacle Quality Insight

    Angell Hanson is an account manager with Pinnacle Quality Insight. Pinnacle’s main core value is “People are our Purpose,” and Angell’s nature truly lends to this. Her main focus is the CAHPS surveys for home health and hospice agencies. Her experience combines over 15 years of customer satisfaction training. She helps Pinnacle clients onboard, understand reports, and improve CAHPS response rates and scores.


Patrick Colletta, CAHPS Compliance Officer, Fields Research

    Patrick Colletta is the IT Director at Fields Research. He has over 20 years of experience handling large databases with millions of records, and is proficient in a wide range of development technologies including web and mobile platforms. Patrick is directly responsible for handling Fields Research's Home Health, Hospital, Hospice, ICH, and OAS CAHPS compliance and all CAHPS related quality control processes.


Mark Dengler, President, Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc.

    Mark has more than 25 years’ experience in general and product-specific marketing, strategic planning and development, teaching/training, market research techniques, and general business operations. He has worked extensively with various business teams to address issues resulting in overall financial performance improvement and marketplace awareness.


Mike Brant, Survey Operations Supervisor, Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc.

    Michael oversees all aspects of CAHPS® survey product management, ensuring survey administration and reporting deadlines are achieved in accordance with predetermined deadlines. He is responsible for facilitating internal auditing and ensures compliance with regulatory and operational guidelines.


About the Companies:

    Pinnacle has been providing customer and employee feedback to the aging services profession for 23 years. Pinnacle’s unique telephone interview approach yields a higher participation and response rate than other methods. The easy-to-understand reports and friendly, accessible customer service Pinnacle offers make its products a favorite across the nation.

   FieldsResearch is one of the longest standing data collection firms in the United States with over 40 years' experience conducting surveys. FieldsResearch serves more than 600 agencies to comply with CAHPS survey requirements, and has been named a recipient of the “Best of Cincinnati” Award for Market Analysis or Research.

   Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) has made it a priority to bring the power of market research to all industries since its establishment in 2002. RMS has over a decade of patient satisfaction and CAHPS® survey experience, and the healthcare team has been recognized as one of the top patient satisfaction measurement firms in the country by Modern Healthcare.


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Join the live session hosted by Home Health Care News on Wednesday, May 1st, at 1 PM CDT to learn how to leverage powerful patient insights and engagement before, during, and after a CMS survey. This session will benefit all health care agency professionals, especially home health and hospice agency leaders.