Hospice EMR Software

Complia Health’s hospice management software is designed with physicians, patients, and their families in mind, providing all the elements of hospice, palliative, and bereavement care in one comprehensive, client-centric solution.

Our unwavering effort to create the best hospice software for organizations has led to the development of software for agencies specializing in Personal & Home Care, Home Healthcare, and In-Home Pediatric Care. 

Suncoast Hospice EMR Software

Trusted Hospice Software Provider

Over the last 25 years, Complia Health and Suncoast have been trusted names for hospice software solutions that offer a customized approach to care. Our global impact can be seen in the over 8.4 million lives positively impacted by our efforts to help our clients improve communication, streamline patient care, and grow.

As the leading provider of EMR solutions and one of the only hospice software companies to focus efforts towards centralization, reliable care, and scalability, we’re proud to set the standard for premium hospice software solutions.

Suncoast Hospice Agency Software

Suncoast offers agencies comprehensive software solutions for home hospice, inpatient hospice, palliative care, home and community care, pediatrics and private care. With Suncoast Hospice Agency Software, clinicians and administrators can deliver improved coordination of care, reduce non-compliance risk, better manage documents, and ensure a more streamlined billing process.

Ideal for clinicians and administrators treating long-term and end-of-life-care patients, Suncoast’s hospice agency software is designed to support you with solutions that truly make a difference.

Hospice Software Capabilities

Developed by caregivers to address the complexities of the US healthcare system, Suncoast was designed to simplify processes and create efficiencies across clinical, financial and agency operations.

  • Integrated Hospice and Palliative Care EMR
  • Document management with automated record keeping and eFaxing
  • Increased business agility while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Compliance monitoring and adherence
  • Faster reimbursements
  • Medicaid & Medicare best practices
  • Billing and revenue cycle management – Complete visibility into agency performance in one centralized view
  • Direct online communication between the patient and the care team
  • Eligibility checking
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Point of Care (POC)
  • Patient Portal (link to patient portal and vice versa)
  • Integrated with interdisciplinary group (IDG) for Streamlined Client Review & Signature Capture
  • Integrated solution for capturing Hospice Item Set (HIS)
  • Interfaces with Pharmacies & DME Vendors
Support for End-Of-Life Care

Support for the Continuum
of End-of-Life Care

Proactive approach builds on compliance measures and organizes all end-of-life-care needs into one platform.

Manage Diverse Payer Mixes

EMMA AI Chatbot

EMMA initiates and manages communication for caregiver coordination, client and family engagement, credential alerts, and physician signatures with a secure integration of data with the Suncoast Hospice EMR.

Supports the Full Range of Payors

Supports the Full Range
of Payors

Electronic billing and claim submissions made easy with built-in alerts to ensure accuracy.

Reduce Risk and Increase Business Agility

Reduce Risk and Increase
Business Agility

Manages staff, scheduling, records, and reporting to allow more time for productivity analysis and planning.

Hospice EMR Software Features

Scheduling & Caregiver Engagement

Hospice Scheduling Software

Suncoast hospice scheduling software delivers a fully integrated Electronic Management Record (EMR) system designed to organize scheduling & staffing, time & attendance, and electronic pharmacy integration while helping you stay connected to referral sources and improving your profitability. With Suncoast’s Scheduling software’s efficient user-friendly scheduling resources, you can automate scheduling processes and optimize efficiency with ease.

Suncoast’s scheduling software for hospice care is also designed to be accessible from your mobile device, making scheduling logistics accessible and convenient, while providing all the structural needs for your organization. Caregivers and physicians trust in Suncoast’s hospice EMR software to conveniently take care of payroll, scheduling, and shift changes, allowing them their focus on what truly matters most.

  • Streamline the scheduling process
  • Achieve greater operational efficiency
  • Facilitate an efficient workflow
  • Quickly identify areas in need of improvement
  • Easily tracked scheduled visits
  • Speed up patient processing
  • Create a direct online communication between the patient and the care team

Hospice Charting System

With Suncoast’s EMR software for hospice care, electronic documentation and charting has never been easier to manage. When vital information like health records, billing, and data are unorganized, it can create issues for physicians and patients, increasing the risk of lost revenue, poor audits, and more.

Suncoast works to streamline important documentation into one easy system to ensure the secure care coordination and document integrity for your entire team.

  • Streamline document management
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Protect data integrity and reliability
  • World class security
  • Minimize processing delays and penalties
  • User-friendly interface for custom reports
  • Functionality to Create Custom Forms or Edit Existing Templates
  • No communication gaps
  • One source of truth
Safeguard Compliance

Hospice & Palliative Care EHR

With Complia Health, hospice, palliative, and bereavement care can efficiently streamline Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with a simple transfer process, ensuring care plan adherence and automated individual care plans for a workflow with less stress, less cost, and less time.

We continually work to ensure provide an integrated management system for Electronic Health Records (EHR) that can easily manage requirements and make clinical auditing that much simpler.

  • Complete visibility into agency performance in one centralized view
  • Increase business agility while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Easy clinical auditing
  • Ensure care plan adherence
  • Ensure individual care plans are documented to physicians’ orders
  • Easily manage requirements by state and federal clinical compliance
Billing Accuracy & Payer Complexity

Hospice Billing Software

If improperly organized and carried out, billing issues can create serious and costly issues for physicians, their staff, and owners, which is why Suncoast’s Hospice Billing software is designed to simplify these billing structures and ensure accurate financial reporting, every time.

With our 99% acceptance rate and support for all payers and payer mixes, eliminating unnecessary errors, reducing costs, and providing all parties with the utmost clarity is always our number one goal. 

Our hospice RCM software and analytics software, including eMAR and eTAR, provide a unique way to increase collaboration and communication between patients and the care team.

  • Support for all payers and payer mixes
  • 99% claims acceptance
  • Simplify complex billing structures & processes with automation
  • Ensure billing accuracy & eliminate costly errors

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Claims acceptance the first time

Accurate and timely filings, no reworks, automated checks and balances, improved profitability and timely cash flow.

3+ million


1+ million

caregivers providing care

8.4+ million

lives impacted

Hospice Care Software Solutions

Discover Suncoast EMR

Designed to be a dependable, scalable, and user-friendly platform for long-term and end-of-life-care. From scheduling medications, to bereavement care, Suncoast streamlines operations and reporting. 

Clinical EdgeTM Point of Care

Clinical Edge™ is an integrated Point of Care (POC) application developed to improve the efficiency of daily workflows and facilitate better coordination of care to enhance patient outcomes.

Mobile Edge EVV TM 

Mobile Edge™ is your answer for integrated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) applications and streamlined scheduling processes with real-time visit validation.

Suncoast Hospice Software Review

“The Suncoast software has allowed us to manage the evolving regulatory changes occuring in the hospice industry. Suncoast has also provided us the structure needed for many areas of growth throughout our organization. A truly unique aspect of the company is the level of commitment they bring to our organization’s specific needs and feedback. From support to training to future development, Suncoast offers a complete package that I would highly recommend!”

— Michael Link, Director of IT-Applications and Solutions, Hospice & Community Care, Lancaster, PA

Hospice & Palliative Care Resources

Suncoast Implementation Case Study

Compass Regional was able to grow their business as a result of increased visibility into operations and more efficient processes. See how Suncoast has helped Compass Regional Hospice improve their documentation processes and maximize their EHR.

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Meet EMMA!

New AI-infused chatbot for communicating with caregivers, clients, patients and physicians.