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Over the last 25 years we’ve helped organizations all over the world meet one of healthcare’s most pressing challenges: the need to provide quality, cost-effective, long-term and post-acute care that makes a positive impact. During that time we created a powerful portfolio of innovative products and real-world expertise to back it up. Our mission is to help you remain laser focused on your mission of providing great care in the face of never-ending regulations, the consolidation of healthcare delivery, cost and margin pressures and more.

Why Choose Complia Health


We provide software solutions for your clinical, operational and financial needs. Solutions that enhance your efficiency including scheduling, point of care, reporting, billing and all the
functions in between.


Our unified suite of products has the flexibility and functionality to handle highly complex and challenging environments—large and small—by bringing all the moving parts together across all these three critical fronts: geographies, business lines, and payers.


We’ll help you “future proof” your business with a next-generation, complete, and fully compliant platform that will power your business for years to come, while helping you grow profitably.


What Complia Health Offers


  • Flexible to handle highly challenging environments
  • Support for all business lines and payer models
  • Right products for any size organization
  • Innovative software solutions for clinical, operational and financial needs
  • Solutions that enhance your efficiency


  • Combination of innovation, strategic acquisitions, and an experienced team
  • Products for virtually any line of business
  • Products for any payer model
  • Products for any size organization
  • Technology for whatever deployment option you choose


  • Investments in new product functionality, efficiency and scalability
  • Implementing new technology
  • Providing the full continuum-of-care
  • Enhancing the levels of customer service
  • The right partner for your business


  • Grow your client and revenue base
  • Diversify your business
  • Meet regulatory changes
  • Tackle new market opportunities
  • Respond to strategic shifts
  • We help our customers achieve
Complia Health serves all home health and hospice business lines and all organization sizes

Facts About Complia Health



25 Years

of Home Health and
Hospice Expertise


Robust Set of Products
for Growth



About Complia Health

Complia Health is a leading provider of technology and expertise for the long-term and post-acute care market. More than 1,000 home health and hospice organizations count on Complia Health for the clinical, operational, and financial solutions required to deliver quality care. Complia Health’s innovative products—ContinuLink and Suncoast—are supported by a team of experienced health and technology experts located in the United States. Our dedicated team is committed to the success of your business and the wellbeing of your care clients.

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