You need a constant flow of cash in your business to run your operations smoothly, and while much has been written about how to improve your cash flow, one simple fact remains: the faster you collect your accounts receivable, the better your cash flow situation will be. Our products support the full range of payers with time saving features we know you’ll love.

Products Offering Billing


  • Receive and post payments with Integrated Payment Processing
  • Easily manage invoices, produce statements and review account history, all within Procura
  • Manage multiple payers, third party payers, care contracts, private insurance and accommodates all payer rules
Procura Canada


  • Able to send invoices electronically for Medicaid and Medicare and most Payer sources through
    clearinghouses carriers
  • Self-pay billing as primary or secondary billing
  • System validates and prevents invoices to be submitted
    with errors
  • Accounts Receivable for all payers (electronic or paper
    based billing)
Igea USA


  • Automated Billing edit checks
  • Palliative Care billing
  • Ability to bill multiple payer types and sources
Suncoast USA


  • Services created from Note Processing, Scheduler or
    direct entry
  • Hospice and per diem billing available
  • Transfer of invoices to self pay or 2nd payer automatically
Progresa USA