Innovative approach to managing the accuracy of Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) data. Identifies potential inconsistencies in response data as well as the presence of apparent conflicts, which gives clinicians the opportunity to offer supporting documentation that justifies and substantiates the accuracy of the OASIS responses.

Products Offering Compliance


  • Committed to ensuring robust product security resources and support for our healthcare customers
  • Meets Privacy requirements
  • Software includes Audit Logs
Procura Canada


  • Guaranteed regulatory updates to the software to
    stay compliant
  • Fully integrated OASIS with validations and OASIS Genie to improve OASIS scoring
  • Ability to QA Review any form in back office before being added to the Patient Chart
Igea USA


  • Oasis Guidance tools available (ACE)
  • HIS assessments and exports (Hospice)
  • Customization of Clinical Manual available at the
    agency level
  • Interface with 3rd party scrubber available (i.e. SHP)
Progresa USA