Suncoast Implementation Case Study

In this case study, see how Suncoast has helped Compass Regional Hospice improve their documentation processes, maximize their EHR to create efficiencies and grow ADC from 31 patients to more than 100. 

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Client Management Software Helps Clients in Ice Storm

The worst ice storm to hit Toronto in recent memory left the city scrambling to recover just before the holidays began. Toronto was hit with freezing rain and drizzle for more than 24 hours, causing a build-up of ice on trees that came crashing down on cars, homes and power lines. Sheets of ice also fell from buildings and flew off vehicles moving along area highways. Approximately 228,000 customers were without power in Toronto.  

During this crisis, one agency, CANES Community Care, found that their EHR platform of choice—Procura—helped them to identify those clients most at risk during the storm and to enlist available workers to assist.

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Expand or Exit? Tough Question for Home Care Agencies

With shrinking margins and agency consolidation ramping, owners of home care agencies have a tough choice to make.

Expand your business to make up in volume what you will likely lose in profitability, due to increasing regulatory demands and lower reimbursements. Or create an exit strategy, including a merger, sale or strategic partnership that will allow you to protect years of financial investments and hard work.


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Procura Mobile and Guysborough County Home Support Agency

Within a home care agency, the relationship between the field staff and the back office administrators is symbiotic. While they are in the community, Home Support Workers (HSWs) want to feel that they are safe as they enter unpredictable situations and navigate potentially unknown regions.  

The back office administrators are concerned about the safety of HSWs, but they also need to trust that those who are in the field are accountable and accurate with each and every visit. This relationship is important, not just for the well being of the HSW, but also for the fiscal health of the Agency overall.

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