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Home Health Software Progresa

Managing a complex healthcare operation isn’t easy. That’s why we designed Progresa with unparalleled ease of use and advanced clinical, operational, and financial features to lighten the operational burden of your home health business.

Progresa enhances clinical documentation while replacing paperwork. It also streamlines patient and employee scheduling, which helps to support compliance with physician orders while maximizing resource management.

Plus, whatever line of business you’re in—whether it’s skilled nursing, private duty care, non-medical services, live-in care, or unskilled care —we’ve got you covered.

Improve clinical compliance and operational efficiency

  • Integrates scheduling, clinical, and financial information in a single database

  • Automates documentation at the office and at the point of care

  • Makes clinical data collection a snap with graphical forms and prompts

  • Allows scheduling diversity for certified and skilled home health, private duty, hospice, and other services

Drive revenues, cut costs, and mitigate risks.

You work hard to deliver the best care, and you deserve the best tools to make that goal easier. Everything about Progresa is designed to help you deliver great care profitability while reducing risk and increasing business agility. With decades of collective industry experience, we’re right at home helping agencies like yours achieve their goals.

Progresa at-a-glance

Our software for agencies affiliated with hospitals delivers all of these features—and more—to support the clinical, operational, and financial needs of your business.

  • Scheduling

    A Microsoft Windows-based software application helps you manage staff resources, coordinate visits across disciplines, and contain costs. Supports both patient and staff requirements with a choice of standard scheduling patterns or selection options. Provides a warning when exceeding visit authorization.

  • Billing & Financial Management

    Processes claims and invoices as needed without batch processing, based on a flexible billing cycle. Drives consistency across plans of care, 485s, and orders for home care and hospice. Meets HIPAA requirements for applicable transaction sets for electronic claims processing for home care. Offers extensive reporting for QI activities, clinical, scheduling, and financial management.

  • 3M™

    Helps you manage the complex rules and terminology of ICD-10-CM coding and follow all the mandated rules, principles, and guidelines. Supports beginning to expert-level coders, guiding them through the coding process while covering the full range of situations whether they are complex, repetitive, or a typical patient encounter.

  • Compliance
    Edit Software

    Innovative approach to managing the accuracy of Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) data. Identifies potential inconsistencies in response data as well as the presence of apparent conflicts, which gives clinicians the opportunity to offer supporting documentation that justifies and substantiates the accuracy of the OASIS responses.

  • Clinical

    Automates clinical documentation at the office and at the point of care. Documentation is easily customized to reflect local practices. Correlates physical assessment findings, procedures, and tests performed as well as methods to resolve problems and prepares data for submission to your regulatory agency. Clinicians' notes automatically generate the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 485s, care plans, medication sheets, summaries, visit documentation, physician change orders, and discharge summaries.

  • Hospice and
    Palliative Care

    Allows you to cohesively manage the financial and clinical information of your hospice and palliative care patients from admission through discharge and the family bereavement process. Supports multiple levels of care in diverse settings including homes, hospice houses, hospitals, and nursing homes.


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