Highly Integrated Home Health Software for Hospital Systems

Progresa makes it simple

The trend to integrate home healthcare more closely with hospitals has raised the bar for agencies. That’s where Progresa shines. Progresa is an innovative, on-premise solution that provides advanced, easy-to-use features to lighten the administrative burden of your home health business. Every day people across the healthcare spectrum—nurses, therapists, social workers and administrators—benefit from the power of Progresa. So can you.

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Efficiency where you need it most

Progresa provides a significant boost to hospital-affiliated agencies that need to manage dispersed caseloads. Progresa makes providing quality care more efficient, improves the accuracy of clinical and financial data, and eases the transition from paper to digital files. Your goal is to offer the very best in client care. We provide you with the solutions to make that possible.

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Diverse payer mix? Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Is support for multiple payers creating extra work for your business? Let Progresa take care of the heavy lifting! Progresa supports the full range of payers—including Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay—with lots of time-saving features. For example, when it’s time to plan care, Progresa reminds you of what’s been authorized. When it’s time to submit a claim, Progresa handles billing to multiple payers—as well as electronic billing. Progresa also alerts you to inaccurate or incomplete claims before you submit them. The result? Claims processing, billing, and collection have never been easier.

Multiple lines of business? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Are you in more than one line of business today? Progresa easily supports multiple lines of business simultaneously. With Progresa you can add a new line of business “on the fly.” We not only go deep, we go wide. We call it future-proofing your business, ensuring you can easily take advantage of new market opportunities without expensive, time-consuming technology upgrades.

Customer testimonials


"From a financial standpoint, we are doing much, much better than we were three years ago... I can project into the future what visits will cost us and what we're going to be reimbursed. I can also look at productivity by how long a nurse is in a home and how long it takes to go from patient to patient." 


Jane Russell, RN, Administrator Memorial Hospital Home Health


Procura By the Numbers.

  • 480,000+
    Patients Served
  • 92,000+
    Caregivers Providing Care
  • 32,000+
    Back Office Users
  • 1,800
    Office Locations Served
  • 405 MM
    Visits Managed

We have a robust set of partners to extend your investment

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