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Procura is the complete solution

If you’re looking for a complete (and highly configurable) software package to automate, manage and grow your organization, you've found the answer. Procura provides the clinical, operational, and financial capabilities you need to deliver great care in an ever-changing landscape. No wonder Procura is rated #1 in Canada and Australia.

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One size doesn't fit all

When you operate in multiple locations and deliver multiple services with multiple funders, there’s no such thing as a generic solution. Where Procura really shines is its configurability, particularly important in the areas of scheduling and with the Scheduling Genius. We give you multiple ways to identify the best workers for selection, including skills, client history, and location. We parse funders equally well to make sure your billing is accurate and timely. Procura reflects your business—in all its uniqueness.

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Diverse funder mix? Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Is support for multiple funders creating extra work for your business? Let Procura take care of the heavy lifting! Procura supports the full range of funders with lots of time-saving features. For example, when it’s time to plan care, Procura reminds you of what’s been authorized. When it’s time to submit a claim, Procura handles billing to multiple funders—and electronic billing. Procura also alerts you to inaccurate or incomplete submissions before they are sent. The result? Billing and collection have never been easier.

Multiple lines of business? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Are you in more than one line of business today? Procura easily supports multiple lines of service simultaneously. Do you plan on expanding into new services in the future? With Procura you can add a new service line “on the fly.” We not only go deep, we go wide. We call it future-proofing your business, ensuring you can easily take advantage of new market opportunities without expensive, time-consuming technology upgrades.

Customer testimonials


"Having reached this major milestone with the Procura team, Dynamics AX will give us the right foundation to implement the Procura Resident Management and Retirement Villages modules for our 58 rest homes and retirement villages in phase two."


Alin Ungureanu, Chief Information Officer, Oceania Group

Procura by the numbers.

  • 1.8M+
    Patients Cared For
  • 265,000+
    Active Users
  • 45,000+
    Residential Beds
  • 6,500+
    Installed Sites
  • 8M+
    Visits to Procura Mobile Platform

We have a robust set of partners to extend your investment

  • 3M
  • Carewatch
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  • First DataBank
  • Incendant
  • Pixalere
  • SecureCARE Technologies, Inc.
  • Beanstream
  • Eventium
  • Honeywell
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