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If you’re looking for a complete (and highly configurable) software package to automate, manage and grow your organization, you've found the answer. Procura provides the clinical, operational, and financial capabilities you need to deliver great care in an ever-changing landscape.

Procura is rated #1 in Canada and Australia.

Flexibility and Functionality

Procura has the flexibility and functionality to handle the most complex and challenging enterprise environments for delivering care.

Financial and Billing

Procura’s financial software helps you intuitively navigate complex financials with business intelligence, billing software, reimbursement oversight, and robust financial reporting.

Operational and Clinical

Procura’s operational software lets you fill visits quickly, accurately, and at reduced costs. Procura’s clinical software gives your team a real time centralized access to the client’s clinical and historical information at the point of care.

Canadian Market

In the Canadian market, Procura excels at managing all the moving parts—operational, clinical, and financial—for providers of service including home care, community care, and nursing. In all markets, Procura supports the full range of government-funded and private funders.

Procura at-a-glance

Our enterprise-grade care management software delivers all of these features—and more—to support the clinical, operational, and financial needs of
your business.

Point of Care
  • Provides your team with the client's clinical information
  • Clinicians download their caseload, complete their visits, and synchronize the updated patient files
  • Includes intuitive support tools, such as clinical pathways, workflows, and
    InterRAI assessments
  • Automates scheduling processes by consistently applying “assignment of work” rules
  • Offers of work and schedule changes are electronically conveyed to field staff
  • RDay View presents case managers with the big picture
Procura Mobile
  • Provides caregivers with scheduling, administrative, and documentation capabilities
  • Caregivers can access all capabilities from an iOS or Android
  • Caregivers can complete documentation in the home, tracking visit activities and logging other notes
Anywhere Access
  • Tailored to meet the needs of on-the-go clinicians
  • Offers access to critical clinician forms even when you’re offline
  • Seamlessly alternate between offline and online access based on your
    Internet connection
Employee Portal
  • Web-based portal allows checking upcoming schedules
  • Portal allows responding to offers of work, changing availability
  • View relevant patient information
Telephony Solution
  • Callme! Telephony solution lets clinicians collect visit data in real-time
  • Collect visit data in client's home via a touchtone telephone
  • Record timesheet data, log travel, and input details with ease
Financial Management
  • Helps enterprises navigate the complexities of financial management
  • Intuitive financial management tools, business intelligence, and billing solutions
  • Robust reimbursement oversight and financial reporting

The Power of Procura

  • Caregiver matching and integrated scheduling for home support, case management, and cluster care
  • Comprehensive patient record and one-time data entry
  • Real-time access to information with a range of mobile solutions
  • Intuitive management of all key financial activities, including analysis and reporting

Procura by the numbers

  • 4.7M+
    Community Clients Cared For
  • 380000+
    Community Care Users
  • 45000+
    Residential Beds
  • 1B+
    Scheduled Visits
  • 170M+
    Mobile EVV Visits Recorded in Procura

We have a robust set of partners to extend your investment

  • 3M
  • Carewatch
  • CellTrak
  • First DataBank
  • Incendant
  • Pixalere
  • SecureCARE Technologies, Inc.
  • Beanstream
  • Eventium
  • Honeywell
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