Your "one stop shop," built for every requirement you have


With decades of collective industry experience, we’re right at home helping agencies like yours achieve their goals. That experience is at the heart of ContinuLink, the product we purpose-built for large home health enterprises.

We built ContinuLink to help you turn off the technologies your business has outgrown by consolidating all of your operational, clinical, and financial processes onto a single, powerful web-based platform.

We built ContinuLink to handle every line of business you’re in—including private duty, staffing, and more.

We built ContinuLink to manage diverse payer mixes—including Medicare, Medicaid, and waiver programs no one else supports.

We build ContinuLink to give you insight and analysis you need to evaluate your business across a number of spectrums—including individual locations, business lines, and at the corporate level.

The result? Not only is ContinuLink is your “one stop shop”—it’s also the way you’ll scale your business profitability while providing exceptional levels of care.

The power of ContinuLink’s cutting edge solution

  • Support for multiple lines of business, including staffing

  • Support for virtually any payer

  • Unmatched point of care solution

  • Outstanding ease of use

  • Powerful financial management

  • Web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Drive revenues, cut costs, and mitigate risk

Everything about ContinuLink is designed to help you deliver great care profitability while reducing risk and increasing business agility. Huge write offs become a thing of the past when manual errors are eliminated and authorizations are verified. ContinuLink impacts the top line as well by helping you drive revenue without adding staff. Plus, since ContinuLink is web-based there’s no expensive software or hardware to install and maintain.

Continulink at-a-glance

Every day, people across the healthcare spectrum—nurses, therapists, social workers, and administrators—leverage the power of ContinuLink for the business of caring.

  • Unmatched
    Point of Care

    Everything clinicians need is at their fingertips: schedules, task lists, client lists, diagnosis, medication lists, assessment checklists, visit requirements, and more. Consolidated patient chart provides a single document encompassing the entire patient chart. Use your device of choice for Point of Care—iOS, Andriod or select Windows-powered devices.

  • Electronic

    ContinuLink’s electronic billing features intelligently manage your claims process, accommodating multiple payers as well as tiered processing. Decrease paperwork, flag errors, and simplify claims tracking. You’ll cut costs by eliminating manual processes—and improve your cash flow by getting paid faster.

  • Financial

    Manage collections and accounts receivables in real time without leaving ContinuLink. Robust integration with multiple third party systems, including payroll. Hundreds of standard reports provide the insight you need across billing, payroll, scheduling, clinical, and more.

  • Portals

    Facilitate communication between your agency, primary physicians, visiting staff, and clients. ContinuLink offers three portals: Client/Family Portal, Physician Portal, and Employee Portal. All communication takes place through LinkMail, ContinuLink’s secure and integrated email platform.

  • Staffing

    Seamlessly handle staffing with capabilities including: candidate tracking, scheduling, invoicing, and integrating top payroll and accounting packages. With features like a Facility Web Portal and document management, ContinuLink takes healthcare staffing solutions to a new level.



  • Anywhere

    Tailored to meet the needs of on-the-go clinicians, ContinuLink offers access to critical clinician forms even when you’re offline. Seamlessly alternate between offline and online access based on your Internet connection. Work online or work offline and then synchronize.

  • Telephony Visit

    ContinuLink lets caregivers use the client’s telephone to verify the location of the home care visit and quickly submit vital information, including date, time in and time out. Caregivers also have visibility into upcoming schedules and even helpful reminders, including no show alerts. You’ll gain deep visibility into the quality of care across numerous data points including visit duration, adherence to care plan, and timeliness.

  • Electronic Visit

    Offering both telephony and GPS support, iVerify® EVV allows caregivers to log data even if they don’t have a smart phone, Internet connection, or access to the client’s telephone. Caregivers can quickly see the care plan and easily submit vital information. Receive notifications to address issues in real-time and minimize the potential for fraud.

  • Scheduling

    Facilitate caregiver matching based on a number of attributes. Manage compliance with real-time tracking and visual schedule notifications. Streamline route planning with turn-by-turn directions. Manage overtime and shift differentials.

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