ContinuLink Mobile Care with GPS and EVV Solutions

Reduce the need for Fixed Visit Verification (FVV) devices in homes and ensures agencies care plan adherence, drives regulatory compliance and new levels of productivity and cost savings.

Mobility – A New Value to Your Product

Our solution enables caregivers to easily share and access critical patient and visit information during client visits.

  • Latest Patient Information
  • Current Schedules
  • Mobile Visit verification
  • GPS Based Mileage calculation
  • Staff Location
  • Time Tracking
  • Secure Messaging
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Easily satisfy EVV requirements

Our solution will enable home health agencies to easily satisfy EVV requirements and provides two-way communication with ContinuLink Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

  • EVV Queue Alerts and Warnings
  • Integration with CL Back Office System
  • Latest Paraprofessional Care Plans
  • Point of Care Services Documentation
  • Customer Tasks and Vitals
  • Service Delivery Compliance Tracking
  • Care Delivery Compliance Tracking
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An Integrated Solution

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