Procura announces record growth in recent fiscal year

Schaumburg, IL (June 23, 2016) - Procura, the world’s largest provider of business management software to the home and community healthcare industry, announced a record year of growth and expansion of the business in the last fiscal year which ended March 31, 2016.

During the fiscal year, Procura:


• Added more than 100 new customers across its product portfolio of Procura, ContinuLink, Igea and Progresa software.

• Posted a 38% growth in SaaS revenue.

• Opened a new Global Executive Center of Excellence in Schaumburg IL, representing the company’s global management headquarters going forward.

• Expanded innovation and product develop spending by millions of dollars.

• Completed the integration of the Igea product and team into the company’s operations – an acquisition that was closed right at the end of the previous fiscal year.

• Expanded its executive leadership team to include four new executives in customer success, marketing, sales and product development.

• Launched numerous product enhancements and innovations. 


Christopher Junker, Procura’s CEO said “I’m really proud of our team and all we have accomplished in the past fiscal year. To add more than 100 new customers and grow our SaaS revenue by 38% is a phenomenal achievement. We are seeking to completely reinvent this company from top to bottom, reworking every business process, all of our products, and our team structures to ensure we’re positioned to continue to lead the marketplace in home health software.”


John Walles, Procura’s CFO said “Our efforts to change how we do business across the board are delivering dividends – it’s been a lot of work and there’s much more we have to do in this fiscal year to continue to expand the growth of this company. But we’re really pleased with what we’ve accomplished so far and how it has made every part of our business stronger.”


“In this fiscal year, our ‘Fiscal 2017’,” said Junker, “you’ll see even more changes. We just signed the lease on a large additional space in Schaumburg, IL, which will be our Central US innovation and client support center, augmenting the teams we have around the world in those functions with additional resources. Our product teams have exciting new projects in the works to roll out over the next year. Additionally we are looking externally for growth opportunities that can help us expand even more rapidly. And of course, we continue in our quest to ensure our customer experience from end-to-end is the best is it can possibly be. That one never stops. It will be an exciting business year.”



About Procura


Procura has been an integral partner to the home health and community care industry for more than 25 years, equipping growing agencies with innovative software solutions they need to deliver the best care, efficiency, and financial growth in an ever-changing industry. Our suite of products are built with the flexibility and comprehensive functionality to handle the most complex and diverse requirements thereby driving multiple business lines, payer types, and geographies, all while addressing differing sets of regulations. Together with the insights of our global home health and IT experts, our software shoulders the administrative burden, providing organizations with the operational and compliance peace of mind to focus on administering the best possible care.