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Our (hands-on) classroom setting is conducted in a real classroom setting in a central location. Explore, learn and interact with fellow trainees while receiving guidance from your instructor on a variety of training topics. These classes have specific hands on lessons built into the curricula to further reinforce the content learned.                                                                                                          

Virtual Classroom

Our interactive, and at times hands-on, virtual classroom setting provides individuals the feel of a real classroom setting but in a virtual environment. This setting combines online learning with real world classroom instruction. All the detailed resources, powerful tools and collaborative interactivity of a traditional classroom is available to you in a convenient virtual setting. 


Our e-learning classroom setting is the perfect spot for individuals that want a convenient and flexible setting to study at their own pace, the freedom to personally build their own learning schedule and choose where and when to learn.

A blended training approach for your user's success

The Complia Health Learning Academy (CHLA) was developed to provide customers the opportunity to participate in topic-specific training in the platform that your agency uses. Take advantage of reduced training prices while learning in a collaborative environment alongside fellow product users.

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We are pleased to provide you a variety of training resources to help you take your home health care organization to the next level of productivity, profitability, and quality of care.