Did your software vendor leave you hanging in the wind with the new CoPs?

Monday, February 12, 2018



New CoP’s

Updates for CMS surveyors were recently released giving guidelines and protocols to utilize during surveys. The new CoP’s went into effect on January 13, 2018 despite the fact that the finalized interpretive guidelines (IGs) from CMS on the new regulation have not been released. Recently, CMS revised more than 30 rules adding many more requirements and only eliminated three areas that affect providers, suggesting we should prepare for more regulations and heavier oversight.

Last October, software companies scrambled to meet the many regulatory changes that required an overhaul in software systems to deliver. Whenever these changes occur, whether it be Federal or state Medicaid changes, development teams must quickly evaluate scope and begin delivering the changes. Many fall behind, but few can deliver on time.

Was your provider ready and able to deliver?

Complia Health has a long history of providing our customers with a product that helps maintain and manage operations with the highest level of compliance regardless of your main business line, home health Medicare, Hospice or Medicaid, thus our name Complia Health, meaning completeness.

Our development team worked day and night to meet the deadline and we delivered to our customers. “Every day our customers meet deadlines that are crucial to delivering care, we knew we had to meet this deadline so they can keep doing what they do.” stated Chris Azar, Chief Technology Officer at Complia Health.

We also delivered Ohio Medicaid Changes

A similar time frame required changes to Medicaid providers in Ohio. Mandated Electronic Visit Verification that also required the ability to capture a client’s signature verification was approved and now required. Once again, Complia and partners met the deadline which enables our providers to continue providing Medicaid in Ohio without any disruptions.

As the Cures Act deadline continues to loom and other states initiate mandates prior to the 2019 deadline, Complia Healthcare will be prepared and our development team will be ready to handle.

We’re here to help

Although the final guidelines could cause some minor changes in the final outcomes, which we will manage, all of our systems that support home care services are ready and able to handle the changes affecting our partners. If you found that your software left you hanging in the wind and did not deliver the necessary changes to meet the surveyor’s requirements, or the so called updates caused your systems to crash and work flow to stop, then please schedule a demo today and let us resolve this problem and any future compliance issues for your company. We are in the business of enabling the business of caring.

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