AWS and Complia Health Bring You Reliability and Dependability

Monday, March 27, 2017





A question to consider: Just how much would it cost your business if you had to suspend operations completely for a day? How much would losing that work day cost your business in revenue? What would be the profit impact? Ouch, right?


Those lost days do happen sometimes – huge catastrophic winter or tropical storms are usually the culprits, as are things like widespread power blackouts. Events like those can’t be helped. But what if you could cut your chances of downtime happening? Would you? You bet you would.


So consider another tragic scenario… has your home health business software had an outage recently that took your business dark? Or at least caused you to work manually for a day, and then spend better than a week catching up? In the cloud computing world, outages do happen, and when they do, that software that you use every day – that software that is ubiquitous to you, and essential to your business – suddenly is the reason your business grinds to a halt. For hours – for a day – for longer than that. What does that cost your business? In this world of razor-thin margins that home care providers live in, that one day of darkness can kill your profitability for an entire month.


As you consider who you want to partner with to supply your company’s vital home care business software, a critical consideration is reliability. How do I know this software will be there when we need it? Especially when our caregivers are out in the field, taking care of the patients that trust us with their health. When our billing department is managing claims submissions. When the health and profitability of our business is on the line every day.


At Complia Health, we take reliability VERY seriously. We understand your business and the fact that the smallest thing could ruin an entire month’s worth of profitability. We understand that critical care decisions are made by your care givers using our software – care that can literally mean the difference between relief and suffering, life and death. We understand that access to patient information, to timely billing and payments, and to financial reporting is the lifeblood of your business.


And that’s why we chose to have our cloud software powered by the largest and most reliable web services company in the world – Amazon Web Services (AWS). By using AWS to power our cloud-hosted products ContinuLink and Igea, and in instances where clients have chosen cloud-hosted options of our on-premise software products Procura and Suncoast, we are making sure that we’re providing best-in-class technical power behind our best-in-class software. While no cloud computing company can guarantee perfect uptime, we chose AWS because they are the biggest, the best and the most reliable. Because you deserve and demand the best from us.


With our brand, we say “Complia Health | Enabling the Business of Caring”. Providing with you with the utmost in reliability for our platform is just one more way we do that.


If you would like to learn more, just contact us – we’ll have our representatives explain how our products will enable YOUR business of caring.